Product Details and Care Instructions

Product Authenticity

All urbancoolab merchandise is made to order, based on the design selection of the collaborator’s collection.  The garments are directly supplied to urbancoolx from our manufacturing facilities - and are required to pass stringent quality control checks prior to shipping.

All other merchandise is supplied and fulfilled directly by the brand, or licensed retailers to guarantee authenticity. Certain items may also include the designer's own proof of authenticity, such as an authenticity card, a dust bag, packaging, etc.


With a wide product offering of international brands and designers, sizing variations are bound to occur. In order to help you find the best fit, the following information is available on every product page:

  • Product-specific measurements (i.e sleeve length, pant leg width, etc).
  • Model-specific measurements to provide fit context.

The above can be found in the ‘View Size Chart’ tab on any item’s product page.

Our Customer Care team is always available to answer any questions regarding measurements and fitting.

Please note that there may be slight manufacturing variance with garments; typically +/- 5%.

Garment Care

Indicated below are general care instructions according to fabric. For safe results, always test laundering on a small or hidden area of the garment first.  It is recommended that all urbancoolab garments are hand-washed cold.

Please note that these are general recommendations. For more accurate guidelines, please follow the specific care instructions indicated on the garment label.

Please note that pilling is a natural process that occasionally may occur in woolen fibres. Washing your clothes inside out will help prevent pilling and investing in an electric de-piller will help safely remove them. However, if left alone, these will eventually pull away on their own.