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Sandy Gill

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My dad has been working since I opened my eyes. Same with my mom.. she worked in the same factory, night shift for more years than I’ve been alive. They came to Canada with the single dream of providing their children with possibilities and dreams they did not have. Everything I’ve done to this point, whether it being a teacher, a stylist or a fashion icon (yea, I said it) the hustle is all because I watched them do it for so long and it’s in my blood.

Along the way people will make it hard for you and there will be countless challenges but my parents taught me to face each challenge with a smile and work your ass off and land with grace and then do it again. This is not just the story of my family, it is the story of thousands of people from various backgrounds who have all been around a working class hero at some point in their life. This hustle, this drive - IT GETS THE JOB DONE.