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G. Easy is a streetwear brand founded on the principles of creative freedom. For years, clothing brands blindly conformed to the will of the runway, fashioning designs that wedged a divide based solely on sex. The brand chooses to look past archaic gender codes, and instead bases its creative output on the notion of solidarity through individuality.

G. Easy will look to subvert gender binaries with capsules that challenge gender-specific presumptions put in place for no other reason than ‘it’s what has always been’. Through its ground-breaking designs, the brand will continue to break down preconceived ideas of how men and women should dress. G. Easy opens its doors to characteristic communities of every kind and chooses to showcase that through its “pride”-ful color palette, which can be seen juxtaposed against an internal interpretation of gender sex symbols. Unity is not only a thematic calling card for the brand, but an actual design code used to combine disparate visual cues.