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Emerpus’ eccentric design language can be seen skewed across a plethora of streetwear staples that act as a dissonant uniform for those looking to challenge rigid societal norms. Subverting the archetype is not the goal; only a by-product. Parody is not the message; only the medium. At the end of the day, James’ designs poke fun at the greater pop-culture collective and aims to tell stories through a disruptive, yet poetic design prism. 

Rich in both design and conceptual ideation, emerpuS jumps out of the gate with a nostalgic look back at worthy pop-culture musings from the distant past. Humanity, spirituality, sexuality, and other such themes can carry a substantial amount of weight as standalone issues, however, can be taken with a grain of salt given the context in which emerpuS utilizes its messaging. Conceptual themes aside, the label’s creative ethos is anchored by a carefully-curated mix of forceful visual considerations.

Shop below, or visit the brand site - EMERPUS.co.uk for further details.